August 27, 2018 admin

The Problem With MarTech: Lots Of Disruption, Not Much Growth


I just left a fancy MarTech conference in Boston where I met some extremely smart people. We discussed how MarTech is the intersection of marketing technology and data. We all were like wow, this is so smart and cool. So much disruption.  And then it hit me. “With all this disruption, where’s the growth?”

Every day, shiny things divert business owners’ attention away from their goals. New marketing technology tools. Better analytics software. Strategic consultants. At times, the business world feels like a puzzle where all the pieces just keep getting smaller.

We live in an era of constant disruption. In the realm of marketing, thousands of companies have emerged, promising great results to their clients, with very little to show for their claims. As a business or brand owner, this is beyond frustrating. I’m constantly getting pitched on new tools that my clients and I must have to compete in the marketplace. But here’s the rub: with all of this disruption, you would expect there to be growth. Instead, the major brands investing millions in this technology are losing market share, year by year like a slow leak.


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