Samsung Gear 360°


Samsung’s previous release of the Gear 360 was low in sales and at risk of being delisted.


Using conversation clustering, we identified the true influencers of purchase - the millennial content creator. 


Sold Out in 48 Hours!

A series of multi-media countdown videos to the date of the launch by various artists and influencers. They included 360 VR films, Animations in 2D and 3D, Live Action and Stop Motion.

6.5 Million + Impressions

We established a unique paid media campaign including dark Instagram and Facebook posts, Youtube pre-roll ads, editorial pieces in Cool Hunting & others, and the first ever 360° page takeover of USA Today.

700,000 + Views

We culminated the campaign with a couple Instagram video posts by top comedian influencer @Renny. His posts garnered 700k + views including the below comments, cementing the notion that effective advertising is not what you would expect.